Working Papers

Can cultural differences explain heterogeneity in financial precautionary behavior? We study if culture affects portfolio choice via …

Household portfolios differ substantially within and across European economies. While public debates tend to focus on differences in …

The literature on fiscal federalism usually argues that policies involving income reallocation should be administered by the highest …

Work in Progress

Can differences in US state tax policies lead to differences in state fiscal multipliers? This paper argues the answer is yes. My …

This paper calculates the progressivity of taxes and transfers for each of the US states, as well as for the US federal government. We …

In this paper, I study a fiscal federation as a dynamic interregional contract which aims to provide risk sharing against household- …

Is it a coincidence that those members of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) which have experienced episodes of severe fiscal …


Teaching Assistance

2016 – 2017

European University Institute (Florence)

  • Topics in Fiscal Policy (Axelle Ferriere, Spring 2017)
  • Macroeconomics II (Evi Pappa, Spring 2017)
  • Applied Macro and Labor (Juan Dolado, Spring 2016)
2016 – 2017

New York University (Florence)

  • Money and Banking, BA (Giampiero Gallo, Spring 2017)
  • Money and Banking, BA (Giampiero Gallo, Fall 2016)
2013 – 2014

New York University (New York City)

  • Intermediate Micro, BA (Maharukh Bhiladwalla, Spring 2014)
  • Money and Banking, BA (Maharukh Bhiladwalla, Fall 2013)
  • Macroeconomics, BA (Maharukh Bhiladwalla, Spring 2013)
2013 – 2013

Stern Business School (New York City)

  • Advanced Macroeconomics, MBA (Lars Ljungqvist and Tom Sargent, Fall 2013)

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Wouter den Haan's Summer Courses

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Zurich Initiative on Computational Economics


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Addressing EU policy challenges using the major developments in dynamic macroeconomic theory of the past three decades.