Working Papers

Presented at: Collegio Alberto, ECB, EUI, NTA, Oslo Macro Group, UiO, UMN, ZEW

Presented at: SED, NBER SI Macro Public Finance, MannheimTaxation, NHH, Cornell, UEA, LAEF, CESifo, NTA


Presented at: ECB, EUI, HFCN, SEM, CEF, UiO, RES, EEA, IAAE

Presented at: SEM, ECB, HFCN, ASA JSM, UiO

Work in Progress

The Covid pandemic and its associated policy responses had unprecedented effects on individual incomes and consumer expenditures. At …

It is common practice to estimate log-linearized equations using Ordinary Least Squares (OLS). To address zeros and estimation bias due …

In this paper, I study a fiscal federation as a dynamic interregional contract which aims to provide risk sharing against household- …

Is it a coincidence that those members of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) which have experienced episodes of severe fiscal …




Julia code to adjust inconsistences in the ASEC tax filer status - see this detailed technical report

Prepare Taxsim32 input data in Julia and obtain imputed taxes using a simple function call

Prepare Taxsim32 input data in Matlab and obtain imputed taxes using a simple function call

Computing Gini Coefficients with Julia

Winsorizing procedure which respects boundary conditions on the variables’ moments

A guide helping users of numerical computing languages to master Stata

Connecting Julia and NBER TAXSIM (version 32)

Flattens the Dynare learning curve for students familiar with global solution methods

Matlab function to impute unemployment benefits in US states

Matlab function to export matrices as tex tables

Teaching Assistance

2016 – 2017

European University Institute (Florence)

  • PhD: Topics in Fiscal Policy (Spring 2017, A. Ferriere), unrated
  • PhD: Macroeconomics II (Spring 2017, E. Pappa), 4.7 / 5
  • PhD: Applied Macro and Labor (Spring 2016, J. Dolado), 4.5 / 5
2016 – 2017

New York University (Florence)

  • BA: Money and Banking (Spring 2017, G. Gallo), unrated
  • BA: Money and Banking (Fall 2016, G. Gallo), unrated
2013 – 2014

New York University (New York City)

  • BA: Intermediate Microeconomics (Spring 2014, M. Bhiladwalla), 4.9 / 5
  • BA: Money and Banking (Fall 2013, M. Bhiladwalla), 4.5 / 5
  • BA: Introduction to Macroeconomics (Spring 2013, M. Bhiladwalla), 4.1 / 5
2013 – 2013

Stern Business School (New York City)

  • MBA: Advanced Macroeconomics (Fall 2013, L. Ljungqvist and T. Sargent), unrated


Addressing EU policy challenges using macroeconomic theory